When to Hire a Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

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When to Hire a Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in a collision with a large truck, your first thought most likely isn’t, “Hmm, I ought to hire a truck accident lawyer.” You may be in pain, terrified, thankful to be alive, worried that you may not survive without injury, or a swirling mix of all of the above. However, hiring a truck accident injury attorney is indeed one of the first things you should do after seeking medical attention, and as soon as possible. Let us at Pittman, Dutton, Hellums, Bradley & Mann tell you why.

Why Do I Need a Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer Right Away?

It should be the case that after a potentially life-altering accident with a semi-truck, tanker, flatbed, or tow truck, you have nothing to worry about but your own well-being. That unfortunately is not the case.When it comes to commercial trucking and transport, some company’s money is on the line, as well as the money held by insurance companies, and possibly the personal holdings of the vehicle’s driver. Who is responsible for the damages caused during a commercial truck accident depends on where liability is placed, meaning who is at fault.

While you may be in an ambulance, worrying about your injuries or the life of your loved one, wheels are in motion to try and limit company costs.

Time is of the essence. Evidence on your side might be “evanescent,” meaning it could change, disappear, or alter over time. For example, rain could wash away tire tracks that show where vehicles were placed around the time of the accident, or nearby video footage could be erased or recorded over if it isn’t gathered soon enough. Likewise, eyewitness memories of the accident could fade, so timely testimony from onlookers is important to secure quickly.Another important point regarding time is filing deadlines. Lawyers for the companies involved in the crash may exploit delays in your reaction to the accident, hoping you’ll wait to contact an attorney until you can no longer bring a legal filing against them. Having your own lawyer who is also aware of the time limits surrounding truck accident cases means you can focus on recovering without missing any of these windows of opportunity.Before these companies start building a story that somehow clears them of responsibility and leaves you without the support you deserve, reach out to a commercial truck accident lawyer so that there’s an advocate out there working for you.

What Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Do to Help Me?

According to the National Safety Council, large trucks can account for up to 10% of all vehicles involved in fatal crashes. That’s potentially over 5,000 vehicles across the United States each year, and more when you account for non-fatal injuries. These collisions come with unique burdens for those involved, especially when they involve commercial vehicles.So: the answer to the question, “When to hire a car accident lawyer?” is as soon as possible, especially when it involves a large truck. The answer to, “Why? What can a lawyer do to help me so early?” is as follows.

Advise In Your Best Interest

  • Before you answer anyone’s questions or sign any documents regarding the accident, ask an accident attorney first. The keen awareness of a practiced lawyer can help make sure you’re not inadvertently claiming responsibility or signing away your rights, and advise you accordingly.
  • Experienced lawyers like we here at Pittman, Dutton, Hellums, Bradley & Mann can help protect you from potentially being taken advantage of by the company or companies behind the truck.

Provide Clear-Headedness During Calm or Crisis

  • Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may think you are fine soon after an accident, only to later need more medical care due to internal bleeding, delayed symptoms of head trauma, or debilitating neck and back injuries that compound with time.
  • Conversely, you or your loved one may be in such an injured state that it is not possible to make long-term decisions. That could include your passenger or driver being in an unconscious state. Or it could mean that you personally are in so much pain, the only thing you know for sure is that you require immediate medical care. In that instance, you might sign anything if you were told you needed to before being allowed to access care.
  • Having an attorney’s recommendations in these moments could be life-saving. They may have the trusted counsel you need to hear when it matters most, be that advice, “Please go to the hospital for more follow-up,” or “You don’t have to sign anything to receive treatment.”

Collect Knowledgeable, Real-Time Documentation

  • A veteran truck accident attorney would have the experience to know what documentation they need to protect you should this car accident lead to a courtroom. That could include creating a record of your injuries, your recollections at the time of the accident, gathering witness names, and (with your consent) information from your doctors and nurses.
  • This does two things: it makes sure that someone with authority is speaking on your behalf in case you are (or feel) threatened or intimidated. It also allows you to focus on what’s most important, which is your physical and mental health after the trauma you’ve experienced.

While the tasks that follow a truck accident may be overwhelming, calling a truck accident law firm should be one of the easier undertakings. Our offices are ready to help ease your worries and protect your rights.

Experienced truck accident lawyers can help protect you from being taken advantage of, and provide clear-headed guidance if you’re overwhelmed during a crisis.

When Is It Too Late to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

If you think you need help, have a case, or have a question that only a lawyer can answer, please call us as soon as possible. There are statutes of limitations that apply in automobile accidents, which means your window of opportunity to seek legal help is closing. Our lawyers at Pittman, Dutton, Hellums, Bradley & Mann handle nationwide cases and can be reached by phone at (205) 322-8880, or via our online contact form.

If you think you may have waived your rights to sue or signed your name to a statement of fault, it could affect your ability to collect damages. Call us to be sure, and don’t give up hope for justice: though the circumstances may not seem fair, your lawyer is always on your side.


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