When Should I Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer?

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When Should I Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer?

When should you contact an auto accident lawyer?

As soon as possible once you’re physically safe enough to do so. A lawyer’s experience can help save you time, money, and stress during the legal process.

Auto accidents happen every day, from fender-benders between cars in a grocery store parking lot, to life-altering collisions with semis on the highway. Whatever your situation, a lawyer can help protect your rights, take on required tasks, and pursue the compensation you need to move on.

The attorneys at Pittman, Dutton, Hellums, Bradley & Mann have decades of experience litigating auto crashes. We understand deeply the needs of survivors, everything from the cost of necessary healthcare to the emotional toll these accidents take on families. We also know that there is a deadline in auto accident cases — we are located in Birmingham, Alabama, where the window to file a personal injury claim can be as short as two years from the date of the incident.

You deserve whatever you need to heal or be made whole again after an auto accident. Read on to learn more about auto accident lawsuits, or contact us right away at (205) 322-8880 for a free consultation.

When Is the Right Time to Call an Auto Accident Attorney?

The best time to call a lawyer for representation is as soon as possible. Depending on your injuries, that could mean:

  • When you are at the accident site waiting for police or medical aid
  • When you are stabilized in a hospital or clinic, and have a calm moment to call for help
  • After arriving home for the first time after the crash
  • Before answering questions or accepting an offer from an insurance agent
  • As soon as you realize your crash needs a legal remedy

There is no reason to avoid calling the offices of ​​Pittman, Dutton, Hellums, Bradley & Mann, and dozens of reason why you should. Before your recollection of the incident fades, before evidence at the crash site is washed away by rain, before the other driver starts building their own version of events and possibly downplaying their responsibility: call a lawyer for advice, reassurance, and possible representation. 

Once you are signed as our client, we handle the vast majority of the work from then on, including gathering evidence and meeting legal deadlines.

Every state in the U.S. has a filing deadline for auto accident injury cases — if you miss that window, you miss your chance to claim the compensation you deserve.

What Can an Auto Accident Provide That I Can’t Do on My Own?

You have the right to represent yourself after an auto accident. The real question is: do you have the time, specialized knowledge, or desire to do so? 

Here are the benefits a lawyer can provide after a car or auto accident:

  • Remove burdens: Especially for those severely injured after a crash, the effort involved in filing paperwork, returning phone calls, and gathering documentation is draining. Rather than keep these requirements for yourself or ask family members to help, assign that work to your attorney instead.
  • Strengthen negotiations: Insurance companies are not your friends. The other driver will likely have a lawyer, who will be actively opposed to you. Many are intimidated or convinced to accept less than they deserve in payouts and settlements. You deserve an experienced legal ally on your side of the table, too.
  • Increase results: The numbers are overwhelming — those who have an attorney have a 91% chance of walking away with a settlement (that number is only 51% without counsel). The amount of your settlement averages 300% higher if a lawyer represents you vs. representing yourself. Your chances of success skyrocket with an attorney.

If you think you can’t afford an auto accident lawyer after a crash, that may not be true at all. At ​​Pittman, Dutton, Hellums, Bradley & Mann, we do not charge our clients upfront, and only take an agreed-upon percentage of what we are able to secure for you in the end. This arrangement is known as “contingency fees,” and it means that if don’t recover a payout for you, then you owe us nothing.

After an auto accident, we understand our clients often face financial hardships. How can they get to work without their vehicle? How can they afford medical deductibles and out-of-pocket treatment costs before the insurance check comes in? We do not wish to add to those worries, and so we invest our own time, money, and knowledge upfront to help our clients recover in every way possible.

By hiring an auto accident attorney, you have an enormous amount to gain, and nothing to lose. 

What Defines an Auto Accident?

There are many types of vehicles on the road, each with its own specifications and potential dangers. Depending on what kind of automobile you and the other person are driving at the time of a crash, the injuries, damage, and legal needs after the fact may vary. 

An auto accident can include any incident involving:

  • Passenger vehicles: Crashes between regular drivers and commuters can involve cars, sedans, SUVs, pick-up trucks, minivans, full-sized family vans, and (increasingly) electric and self-driving car accidents.
  • Open vehicles: Motorcycles, scooters, and golf carts in parking lots are also moving about the roads and can become involved in accidents. Soft-cover and open-air vehicles like jeeps and convertible cars provide less protection for their occupants.
  • Commercial vehicles: Semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, flatbeds, tank vehicles, cement trucks, and other commercial automobiles carry extra danger due to their size, weight, and sometimes their cargo (as when transporting flammable or toxic materials).
  • Irregular automobiles: Sharing the road with construction vehicles or farming equipment causes unexpected interruptions to traffic patterns. These machines also create unforeseen damages due to their unusual parts (a vehicle with a claw or crane arm, for example).
  • Municipal machines: Street sweepers, snowplows, city buses, emergency transports, and other official vehicles creates not only new potential hazards, but also far more complex liability issues after a crash.

Auto accidents include more than just cars and trucks. There are often complications beyond a simple exchange of insurance information between two private citizens. No matter how complex your case, or what kind of vehicle is involved, the auto accident lawyers at Pittman, Dutton, Hellums, Bradley & Mann are here to help you.

Whether your case requires an insurance negotiator, settlement mediation, or a full trial, we are prepared to see it through to your satisfaction. Contact our offices at (205) 322-8880 for comprehensive legal support.

What Kind of Auto Accidents Has Your Firm Worked on?

The best way to evaluate whether a lawyer or law firm is right for you is to look at their proven track record of case results. Our successful auto accident settlements and verdicts include a verdict of $6 million for a train conductor who was severely injured when a tractor-trailer rig attempted to cross the tracks, causing a collision.

The results of your case depend on your injuries, the parties involved, and the cause(s) of the crash. Settlements and verdicts can cover:

  • Medical bills and follow-up care costs like physical therapy, medications, or home modifications to accommodate a long-lasting or permanent handicap
  • Lost wages, lost employment, used sick/vacation time, lost earning capacity, and lost work-related benefits
  • Pain and suffering costs for both physical and psychological trauma
  • Punitive damages aka “punishment” fees charged to the other side if a judge or jury decides their actions or inactions were particularly unacceptable
  • Wrongful death expenses for surviving family members after a fatal crash, including funeral costs, the loss of financial support, and the loss of their unique love and companionship

Settlements or verdicts can also include property damage costs, bills for tow trucks, and other related expenses. Think of the price of taking taxis or public transit until you can regain your own vehicle, including the increased time involved in waiting for buses and trains. Whatever your needs are to heal or be made whole again after an auto accident, that is what you deserve.

Testimonial: “I was very pleased with the work that Pittman, Dutton, Hellums, Bradley & Mann did for us. I had been injured in a car accident and was in quite a bit of pain for some time. They always treated me like a person and not a case—never failed to return a call and kept us apprised of what was going on. I had a time when I had to be totally focused on recovery, they were able to take care of the situation and I didn’t have to worry about it. I owe this firm a lot of thanks.” - Emily W.

Contact Experienced Auto Accident Attorneys 

Millions are injured or lose their lives in auto accidents each year. Every single crash has a ripple effect of grief, pain, loss, and clean-up work that must be done afterward. There are billion-dollar industries that exist solely because automobile accidents are inevitable as long as we’re sharing the roads.

At Pittman, Dutton, Hellums, Bradley & Mann, we have dedicated our careers to assisting the injured with all of their legal needs. If that means negotiating with an insurance company, we will prepare for those talks as if going to trial, as that shows the other side we’re not there to settle for less. If your case requires a lawsuit against an individual, company, city, or more than one of the above, we will pursue every responsible party. This is done to help you access every available resource for recovery.

This is broad information based on our decades of experience in delivering results for our clients. For specific information related to your auto accident case, reach out to us right away at (205) 322-8880 before the deadline for legal action expires. You deserve robust representation, no matter what kind of accident has occurred.


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