Car Accident v. Car Collision - What's the Difference?

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Car Accident v. Car Collision - What's the Difference?

The difference is huge, and the intentional use of the term "accident" has a history of deceit.Today's blog is about the CrashNotAccident initiative, made possible by Road Peace and is a United Kingdom-based charity that offers counseling and assistance to those who may have had their life changed due to a road accident, such as losing a family member or friend, or even those who witness a violent car crash.What is CrashNotAccident's Purpose? Simple: stop calling a car accident an "accident"; rarely is a collision due to an accident, but often due to driver negligence. Car crashes have been on the rise in many states in the U.S. due to the use of smartphones. From distracting phone calls to what is all too common and illegal, texting and driving, inattentive drivers are piloting their 4,000 lb cars down the street at speed without 100% focus on the road. Aside from distracted driving, other leading causes include speeding and drinking and driving.

The result is no accident, but instead a violent crash or collision. Attorney and Partner with the firm, Mike Bradley says, “Car accidents are unintended events. Car crashes are events that result from human choices. Generally, because most distractions while driving are choices, car crashes are the result." Distracted driving has been a leader and often the result of deadly collisions, according to recent auto accident statistics, and the incidents of car crashes in the state of Alabama are on the rise.The initiative has been gaining followers and attention at a rapid pace, particularly here in the U.S. where the use of the word "accident" by local law enforcement is often replaced with "collision." This is due to the fact that most collisions are rarely accidents and have a link to an individual breaking a law, such as texting and driving, speeding, or drinking and driving. Terminology of "Accident"In the 1920s and 1930s, automobiles had little if any safety equipment, roads varied from county to county, and driver training was minimal. This resulted in automobile crashes that were frequent to include a fatality, as reported by this article in Vox. The term was also used after the turn of the industrial revolution when labor laws were lax leading to workers working long shifts in dangerous conditions.The use of "crash" instead of "accident" is an important step for the public to understand why we have laws and why they need to be obeyed. Those who violate the laws often hurt the innocent, or worse, a fatality may result.If interested in learning more or joining the#CrashNotAccident initiative, this link will take you to the organization's website.


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