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Vivint Security Lawsuit

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Vivint Security Lawsuit

The attorneys at PDH recently filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of a client against Vivint, Inc.—a national company selling home security and “smart home” products and services—alleging that Vivint and its employees have been forging the signatures of unknowing U.S. citizens on contracts with other Vivint customers in order to sell more products and services.

Vivint Lawsuit Details

Our client became aware of seven fraudulent Vivint accounts in her name when a debt collection agency, Perfection Collections, LLC, submitted a delinquent debt for $3,333 to her credit reports for one of the fraudulent accounts.  

After contacting Vivint, our client was forwarded copies of 7 contracts for services in a state where our client has never lived or owned property. Each of these contracts clearly show that her signature was forged on them.

PDH attorneys have discovered through further investigation that our client is far from the only victim of this scheme. Dozens of complaints have been filed by other individuals who are fighting with Vivint, debt collectors, and credit reporting agencies to remove these fraudulent accounts from their credit reports. The victims include both Vivint customers and people who had previously never even heard of Vivint.

PDH believes Vivint, Inc. and its agents knowingly and fraudulently forged signatures and  created false accounts, which has wreaked havoc in the lives of individuals all over the country.

If you suspect Vivint has created fraudulent accounts in your name, we urge you to contact our law firm immediately to discuss your legal rights.

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