Motor vehicle crashes and injuries can vary in severity from painful and inconvenient, to altering a person’s life and potentially their families forever. The highways in our community are traveled by fast moving trucks and reckless drivers. Whether you are a pedestrian, motorcycle rider, the driver or passenger in an auto accident our firm has the experience representing individuals who know what you may be going through. Below are a few examples of the auto accident cases results and recoveries obtained on behalf of the injured.

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Joel Knight vs. Sterlin Johnson (Circuit Court of Madison County, Alabama)

  • $3 Million Verdict

On May 10, 2007, Joel Knight was riding a motorcycle along University Drive in Huntsville, Alabama. Having the green light, Mr. Knight proceeded into an intersection and struck the side of an automobile being operated by Sterlin Johnson. In the lawsuit, Mr. Knight contended that Mr. Johnson ran a red light into the intersection and caused the collision. Mr. Johnson tested positive for alcohol in his system. Mr. Johnson contended that Mr. Knight in fact ran a red light. Mr. Knight sustained significant head and facial injuries as a result of the incident and was determined to be totally disabled from an employment standpoint. After a four day trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of Mr. Knight and awarded a total of $3 million: $2.7 million in compensatory damages and $300,000 in punitive damages.

Eloise Tyler et al. v. P. Gartenmayer and Budget Rental Car; Circuit Court of Leon County, Florida

  • $1.45 Million Verdict

The Defendant Gartenmayer rented a car from Budget to use for a college campus tour for her son. Defendant Gartenmayer and her son were headed to Florida State University and Defendant Gartenmayer was driving. The plaintiffs, Eloise Tyler, James R. Tyler, and J. Tyler were on a family trip from Coffee Springs, Alabama to visit relatives in Florida. Eloise was driving and J. Tyler was in the front passenger seat and both were belted. James was seated behind Eloise and was not belted. The plaintiffs were in the left lane of I-10, traveling the speed limit, and the Defendant Gartenmayer changed lanes from right to left causing Eloise to swerve to the left to avoid a collision. Eloise went into the median and tried to return to the interstate eventually flipping several times in the roadway. James was ejected and killed. Eloise sustained severe personal injuries and thankfully, J. Tyler only sustained a sprained ankle. The Defendants asserted at trial that Eloise was comparatively negligent in the operation of her vehicle by overreacting, overcorrecting the vehicle and speeding. The Defendants further contended that James Tyler was comparatively negligent for failing to wear his seatbelt.

Pittman Dutton attorney Lee Pittman tried the case to a Leon County, Florida (Tallahassee) jury and obtained a verdict for Eloise Tyler in the amount of $1.145 million, the Estate of James R. Tyler in the amount of $306,064.00; and J. Tyler in the amount of $3,000. The total verdict was in the amount of $1,454,064.

Bonnie Britt v. Shelby Concrete, et al. (Circuit Court of Shelby County, Alabama)

  • $900,000 Verdict, Later Settled Confidentially

On her way to work, Bonnie Britt was hit by a Shelby Concrete Truck on Highway 280. Mrs. Britt suffered permanent, disfiguring injuries.  The jury returned a verdict for plaintiff and awarded $900,000. During the post-trial motion process, the parties reached a confidential settlement.

Michael Smith v. Demaris Thomas (Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Alabama)

  • $420,000 Verdict

Smith was involved in a auto accident when he was rear-ended by Thomas on the interstate. Smith sustained a fractured femur requiring surgery and the insertion of rods and pins. Smith incurred approximately $50,000 in medical bills and $10,000 in lost wages.  The jury returned a verdict of $420,000 for Smith.

Sergio DeLira, et al. v. Concrete Textures, Inc., et al. (Circuit Court of DeKalb County, Alabama)

  • Confidential Settlement

Sergio DeLira and six passengers occupied a van and were traveling on Interstate 59 from Dalton, GA to Birmingham, AL to work early in the morning. Bobby Brewer, an employee of Concrete Textures, had parked his tractor-trailer rig on the shoulder of the interstate. Brewer failed to activate the trailer brakes thereby causing the tractor-trailer to roll backwards and out into the lanes of travel and collide wit the van. The accident resulted in the death of two passengers and injuries to the other occupants.  The parties reached a confidential settlement.

Marcus Watts v. City of Birmingham (Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Alabama)

Watts was in a auto accident at an intersection with a police officer from the City of Birmingham. The police officer was pursuing a stolen vehicle and did not stop at the stop sign at the intersection. Watts contended that the officer had not activated his lights or siren as a he went through the intersection. Watts sustained a fractured vertebra.  The jury returned a verdict for plaintiff awarding money damages.

Debbie Roberson v. James Melton (Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Alabama)

Roberson was involved in a auto accident when she was rear-ended by Melton, who had blacked out at the wheel as the result of low blood sugar.  Melton was diabetic and knew that his blood sugar was low. Roberson contended that her pre-existing neck condition was aggravated by the incident and required two cervical surgeries.  The jury returned a verdict for Roberson awarding money damages.

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