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Car Crashes Due To Speeding

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Speed Related Car Crashes

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High impact car accidents affect their victims more than just their physical well-being. Physically, financially, and sometimes psychologically devastated, the effects of a car accident hurt. Yet speeding is something we all do, even though we know better.Speeding Increases Accident Risk

To help prevent unnecessary tragedy associated with speeding while driving, we provide the following article in hopes of helping drivers throughout the state of Alabama.

If you are here because you have suffered injury or loss from a speeding accident, we offer our support. The law team at Pittman Dutton & Hellums has worked with countless victims of car crashes caused by speeding. Like you, we understand all too well the dangers of speeding. And if you have suffered from a car accident due to speeding, call our team of attorneys to discuss your legal options for getting the help you need for your recovery.

Nothing can prepare you for the physical and mental shock of being blindsided by a speeding vehicle while you were obeying the laws of the road. Protect yourself from injury by being aware of facts about speeding.

Alabama’s Most Dangerous Roads

Certain roads in Alabama stand out as being dangerous, multiplying the consequences of speeding-related crashes. Statistics show the highest fatality rates at specific locations in Alabama. Exercise extra caution around these top four most dangerous roads in Alabama.

  1. Interstate 85 in Lee County & Montgomery County
  2. Interstate 65 in Chilton County
  3. Dangerous Roads in Jefferson County
  4. US Highway 431, known as the “Highway to Hell.”

To learn more about these roads, visit this article: “Which Alabama Roads Are Considered Most Dangerous”

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The Danger of Speeding

Car Accidents Caused by Speeding

Whether you’re on the interstate or in a suburban neighborhood, traveling above the speed limit is a serious hazard. Speeding while driving accounts for about 30 percent of all car accidents, and colliding with another vehicle is just one of the forms these accidents can take. Other kinds of car accidents due to speeding include:

  • Hitting A Cyclist Or Pedestrian
  • Losing Control Of The Car
  • Colliding With Roadside Objects
  • Weather-Related Problems (Such As Hydroplaning Or Sliding On Ice)
  • Accidents In Construction/Road Work Zones
  • Whiplash
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Paralysis/Amputation
  • Death

A Three Second Rule Can Prevent Accidents Caused by Speeding

Posted speed limits are not the only way to know the correct speed for you to drive. Most states’ driver manuals dictate that you should always drive at a speed that matches the current flow of traffic and to keep a safe distance from the car ahead of you. An easy way to observe this safe distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you is by using the three-second rule. It works like this:

  1. While driving, look ahead and pick out a stationary marker on the side of the road, such as a sign or a light post.
  2. Observe when the vehicle in front of you passes it.
  3. Count off three seconds. If your vehicle passes the marker before the three seconds are up, you should reduce your speed. If you pass the marker at exactly three seconds or after, you should maintain your car’s current speed.

Speeding can happen without your even realizing it. You may be lost in thought or perhaps you simply moved into a different speed zone and did not notice the signs alerting you to the speed limit change. This simple three-second rule can make all the difference with maintaining a consciously safer distance from other vehicles while you’re on the road.

Avoid Speeding to Prevent Accidents

The physics involved in a car accident due to speeding are simple enough for anyone to understand: the faster a vehicle is moving, the greater the impact it will have when it crashes.

But you don’t have to be moving at highway speeds to cause significant damage. Statistics show that an accident occurring at 30 miles per hour actually carries a 45 percent fatality rate and a 50 percent rate of injury. All it takes is one ignored speed bump or an unseen obstacle, a bicyclist swerving slightly out of the bike lane or a child stumbling into traffic, and that so-called conservative speed can become deadly.

The posted speed limits are not only meant for drivers. They serve to notify cyclists, pedestrians, and others of what to expect from traffic in any given area. Other people using the street determine their actions partly based on how fast they can expect cars to move past them. By going just a mile or two above the speed limit in an area populated by pedestrians, you are effectively deciding to lower someone’s likelihood of survival if they should come across your path at the wrong time.

But the consequences of speeding while driving don’t stop there. The faster someone is driving, the longer it takes for them to slow down. Furthermore, the margin of error is significantly smaller at higher speeds. For example, if you are traveling at 85 miles per hour and the vehicle ahead of you suddenly cuts you off, even a small turn of the wheel can cause your car to swerve violently. While you may avoid colliding with the other car, your high speed puts you at risk of swerving off the road and colliding with light posts, trees or other roadside objects, or possibly even crashing through guard rails.

The bottom line is that speeding while driving is a major contributor to automobile accidents and injuries. Even if you are intending to obey all other traffic laws, speeding while driving makes you a danger to yourself and others on the road by hindering your ability to control your vehicle.

When getting into your vehicle, bear in mind that your trip involves many people besides yourself. No matter where you are going—whether it’s down the block or across town—you are one of thousands of people on the road, all of whom deserve to travel safely. Being behind schedule or impatient to arrive at your destination are simply not good enough excuses for harming another person’s safety, property or life.

Contact PDH If You’ve Been Injured in a Speeding Accident

If you have been the victim of a car accident due to speeding, you may have suffered significant damage to your health as well as your vehicle. Whether your injury took place on a quiet suburban street or during rush hour on the highway, you deserve to be compensated for the harm that you suffered from someone else’s irresponsible choice.

At the law firm of Pittman Dutton & Hellums, we have years of experience representing people who, like you, have had their lives turned upside down by a car crashed caused by someone speeding. We understand the anger you feel from being victimized this way. We also know what a significant financial burden your recovery can bring, from totaled vehicles to traumatic injuries to health problems that may cause you to miss months of work. We are here to fight for your right to receive justice and be compensated by the person responsible. Call us for a no-cost, no-obligation consult about your legal options.

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