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Mobile Truck Accidents

Mobile Truck Accident Lawyer

Mobile Truck Accident LawyerAre you looking for a Mobile truck accident lawyer? Thousands of accidents every year happen because of negligence on the part of the truck driver or the trucking company. If you were in an accident with a truck, you need to find an attorney that understands the law and can help you.

Truck drivers, for the most part, are professionals. However, a select few are not. They push the limits and the consequences can be devastating. Driver fatigue is a huge problem in trucking. By law, drivers must get a certain amount of down time every day. But, deadlines and other pressures make some drivers skip the down time. You need an attorney that understands these rules.

Bad drivers happen in all professions. However, in the trucking industry, it can be deadly. Driving too fast is a major cause for many accidents. Whether driving over the speed limit or driving too fast in bad weather, this is very dangerous when behind the wheel of a large truck. Unfortunately, some drivers have extensive records for dangerous driving. You need a truck accident lawyer who knows the law.

Sometimes, the driver is not the only one at fault in a truck accident. Many trucking companies put off routine maintenance to save money. They may not provide their drivers with adequate safety equipment. They may disable onboard systems that help govern fast driving. They also may take anyone with a trucking license to drive. Putting irresponsible drivers behind the wheel is irresponsible on the trucking company’s part.

Overloaded trucks or those improperly loaded can be real hazards on the road as well. When the loaders do not distribute the weight properly on the back of a semi, it can shift. This can cause the truck driver to lose control. And that has consequences for vehicles around the truck.

Of course, there are many other circumstances where a truck driver or his company is legally responsible for an accident. You need an attorney with the experience and knowledge to help you receive compensation for such an accident. After you have been in a trucking accident, in Mobile or any other part of Alabama, call the attorneys at Pittman, Dutton, and Hellums to receive the best legal advice possible in your situation.

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