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Mobile Auto Accident AttorneyIf law enforcement officials cite you for a serious traffic violation and hold you responsible for a Mobile traffic accident, you need the skilled, experienced accident attorneys from Pittman, Dutton, Hellums, Bradley & Mann. We specialize in auto accidents, and we represent defendants in personal injury cases, protecting them from personal and financial ruin in the wake of serious accidents. The firm of Pittman, Dutton, and Hellums has earned a distinguished reputation among our clients and fellow attorneys, because we zealously prepare and argue our cases, and we have built an admirable winning percentage.

Type of Auto Accidents our Attorney handle in Mobile, Al:

The Basics of Mobile Auto Accident Law

In the event of a routine Mobile traffic accident, your auto insurance covers your own and other motorists” costs. Your insurance company will pay the typical costs for repair or replacement of the other driver”s vehicle, and it will cover the driver”s and passengers” medical and rehabilitation costs. Your insurance company probably will reach a settlement for other compensatory damages-lost wages and the cost of “loss of the enjoyment of life,” otherwise known as “pain and suffering.”

In a severe accident involving multiple vehicles and multiple serious injuries, your insurance probably still will cover compensatory damages for all the victims. If, however, you are at-fault in the serious accident, your insurance probably will not cover “punitive” damages, and you remain vulnerable to the victims” civil suits.

Awarding punitive damages, judges and juries intend to send a clear, strong message to other drivers, letting them know that the citizens will not tolerate recklessness or driving under the influence in the community. If you are held at-fault in the most devastating kind Mobile traffic accident, one involving permanent disability or fatality, your insurance may not stretch to cover all your costs, and victims may sue you for negligence, reckless endangerment, or wrongful death. Even if the courts find you not guilty in a criminal action for manslaughter, the victims still can win their civil actions against you, because the standards of proof differ dramatically in the two court systems.

Experienced Mobile traffic accident attorneys protect your rights and assets.

Do not under-estimate the long-lasting personal and financial consequences of personal injury lawsuits. All of your assets and all of your future earnings hang in the balance. You cannot represent yourself in a serious traffic accident case. Honestly, you do not stand a chance against the insurance companies” attorneys and the victims” attorneys. In fact, the more guilt and remorse you feel, the less you capably you will defend yourself. An experienced attorney will protect your right s and property, independently investigating the accident, challenging witnesses against you, building the case on your behalf, and auditing insurance claims. If the case goes to trial, our attorneys will use the profession”s most sophisticated tactics and techniques to make your case.

In your first consultation with Pittman, Dutton, Hellums, Bradley & Mann, our attorneys will give you a detailed legal assessment of your situation, and the consultation costs you nothing.

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