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Dothan Medical Malpractice AttorneyDoctors and other medical professionals in Dothan work hard to save lives. However, there are instances when they fail to adhere to the medical standards of their profession. When this happens, the results are often grave and at times can be lethal. Fortunately, the law in Alabama does allow recourse for patients harmed by their medical providers. If you are facing this issue, it is essential to contact an attorney immediately to guard your claim.

Medical Malpractice

When a medical professional is negligent or reckless during the course of their duties and damage occurs as a result of this, then medical malpractice has occurred. Negligence or recklessness is determined by comparing the professional’s behavior with those of other professionals in the field. If the act or failure to act is within the standard, then there is no negligence. However, if the comparison shows that the worker was outside the standard, then a case may be possible.


The law allows for a variety of different monetary expenses to be recovered in court. All medical bills that are reasonably related to the harm caused by the medical professional can be recouped. In addition, there is loss of wages. If the harm has caused a patient to miss work, then that patient may sue for what they would have made. Also, if the damage is permanent, the patient can also demand loss of future earnings.

If you feel you have a claim, please contact an attorney immediately. As time advances, claims tend to get weaker and may even be lost. For example, statutes of limitations are time limits placed on people who want to bring a law suit. For malpractice claims, the time limit is 2 years. Barring very few exceptions, this is unchangeable.

Law Suits in Alabama

Alabama is notorious for its protection of inadequate medical professional. Through the Medical Liability Act, negligent workers in every capacity are given protections from personal injury law suits. That being said, it is possible to get legal compensation with an experienced law firm.

Our attorneys have handled many cases of medical malpractice throughout the state. Although our offices are based in Alabama, we have worked in Dothan and other cities in the area.

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