• Zostavax can cause serious side effects, including death.
  • Merck failed to warn patients of the vaccine’s potential side effects.
  • Merck employees “intentionally, willfully, and knowingly misrepresented” the safety of Zostavax.

While attempting to prevent shingles, patients may have contracted the virus from their vaccination

Zostavax, a shingles vaccine may in fact be the cause of shingles in unsuspecting patients.

The Zostavax Vaccine has been linked to shingles, blindness and even death. Patients affected by the vaccine are now filing lawsuits against the Zostavax manufacture, Merck for failing to accurately warn of the vaccines potential side effects.



Zostavax is a shingles vaccine commonly used for patients 50 years and older. It’s at this age the virus is most common. Shingles is caused by a dormant strain of chickenpox which can stay in the body for years, eventually resulting in Shingles.

The vaccine harnesses a weakened form of the herpes zoster virus – often referred to as shingles. The body fights the weakened version of the virus and in turn, is able to build an immunity to more virulent strains. However, at best, the vaccine has been shown to work in only 50% of patients.

Immunocompromised patients bodies were often unable to fight the small dose of the virus – which resulted in a plethora of injuries beyond chickenpox and shingles.

The Lawsuit against Merck claims that despite knowing Zostavax could cause shingles, they failed to list it as a potential side effect until December of 2014 – 8 years after the FDA approval in 06.


The FDA reports that Zostavax side effects can include the following:

  • Shingles
  • Chickenpox
  • Rash
  • Hives
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Eye disorders, including necrotizing retinitis

However, some plaintiffs allege that Zostavax caused even more serious complications, such as Death, Paralysis, Liver failure, blindness and hearing loss.  

Are you Eligible for a ZOSTAVAX LAWSUIT?

If you or a loved one was given Zostavax after 2006 and were diagnosed with shingles, you may be eligible for compensation. The shingles must have appeared at least 3 weeks after the vaccination and within one year from the date of vaccination.

If within two years of vaccination you or loved one suffered from any of the following, you may also be entitled to a lawsuit.

  • Serious neurological diseases or disorders, including brain inflammation (encephalitis)
  • Herpetic Neuralgia (disorder in the nerves)
  • Postherpetic neuralgia, or PHN (pain continuing after shingles blister subside)
  • Myelitis (spinal cord inflammation)
  • Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis)
  • Vision problems, including: blindness, eye infections, and retinal damage
  • Hearing loss
  • Autoimmune disorders: Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, Meniere’s Disease, etc.
  • Stroke
  • Cardiovascular event
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Vasculitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Death

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