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Birmingham Workers’ Compensation LawyersAs a firm that represents injured employees, we have seen in recent years that employers will oftentimes mount an enormous and relentless campaign to deprive you of your rights under worker’s compensation statutes. Specifically, employers use workers’ compensation laws as a shield to protect themselves from the claims of injured workers. Their success is evidenced by the fact that injured workers commonly receive reduced benefit payments and inadequate, often shoddy medical treatment.

If you are an injured worker in need of a Birmingham workers’ compensation attorney, you should know that despite the internal unfairness of the workers’ compensation process, you have resources to protect you from the malice of your employer. The process starts by knowing what you must do immediately after you get hurt on the job.

  • See a doctor immediately. Most employers require medical documentation from a doctor as proof of injury. If you delay, you are making it difficult for the doctor to attribute your injury to a work related incident. See a doctor within the first 24 hours after the injury.
  • Report your injury to your employer immediately. If you delay, you give your employer the opportunity to claim you were not injured at work. Many employers have a mandatory 24 hour reporting policy. If you violate your employer’s reporting policy you are providing your employer ammunition to deny your claim.
  • Depending upon your physical condition after your injury, report your injury to your employer prior to seeing a doctor, if able. If not, see your doctor first; then report your injury. Your employer may refer you to the company doctor after your injury. Be aware that the company doctor is employed by your employer; not by you. See a company doctor at your own risk.
  • Do not talk to any company or company hired insurance representatives without getting legal consultation and representation. When unsure about who is representing whom, assume the individual you did not hire works for your employer. Any statement you make to your employer or your employer’s agent can and will be used against you. Choose your Birmingham workers’ compensation attorney wisely. At Pittman, Dutton & Hellums, we are devoted to helping you work through the obstacles you will surely encounter to assure you receive a just resolution to your claim.
  • Take your lawyer along to any hearings you may be required to attend. When you represent yourself at these hearings, you are at a disadvantage because your employer will most certainly have legal representation. Many workers’ compensation claims are won or lost based upon legal technicalities. If you are unaware of the legal technicalities of workers’ compensation law, you are at a disadvantage. As the old saying goes: “He who hires himself as his lawyer has a fool as his lawyer.”

Workers’ compensation is a benefit available to nearly all workers who suffer work-related injuries. Put this benefit to work for you instead of your employer. If you are injured, do not hesitate. Contact us today. Through the years, we have handled hundreds of workers’ compensation claims similar to yours. Our commitment is to use the full weight of our knowledge and expertise in workers’ compensation law to assure you receive a fair resolution to your work related injuries.


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