Termite Damage Litigation

Termite damage attorneyQuite often, termite contracts and the termite guarantees issued with the contracts contain very unfair disclaimers designed to absolve the termite companies from any responsibility or liability for damage to property. Frequently, the disclaimers are not only unconscionable, but may also violate specific state law. Additionally, termite control companies and insurance companies will often try to deny claims of termite damage citing other circumstances as the cause of the problem.

Without the help of an experienced attorney, valid claims for termite damage may go unaddressed. Termite property damage claims are brought against insurance companies that insure the damaged property and also the termite control companies responsible for termite prevention and control at the property sites. These type claims help ensure that termite control and insurance companies hold up their end of the bargain and homeowners aren’t left footing the bill for property damage.

Currently, our firm represents several homeowners who sustained significant home damage from the infestation of termites and other wood destroying organisms. In these cases, the extermination companies failed to adequately inspect the home for the presence of termites and in some instances, the extermination companies simply did no inspection at all.

If you feel you have been wrongly treated regarding a termite issue or problem, contact our office and ask to speak to attorney J. Chris Cochran.

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