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Electrocution and Electric Shock Injury Litigation

electrocution_and_electric_Shock_injury_litigationIn a fatal electric shock, often called an electrocution, an individual’s vital organs are severely damaged and the heart goes into fibrillation causing it to stop. In a non-fatal exposure to an electric shock, the body can still suffer damage to the heart, the lungs, skin burns, as well as psychological damage.

Quite often, people are exposed to electric shock in most places open to the public such as malls, office buildings, the work place, amusement parks and construction sites. If severe enough, an electric shock can affect the nervous system causing various brain, spinal cord and motor sensory damage. Additionally, it can also cause paralysis including paraplegia and quadriplegia.

Many construction deaths and serious injuries in the country are caused by electric shock. Electric shock injuries at the workplace can be a major problem for many corporations that deal with manufacturing or high voltage equipment such as forklifts, backhoes, conductors, and other potentially dangerous electrical equipment. There are numerous federal and state standards/regulations pertaining to electrical power systems that address the prevention of electrocutions and/or electric shock injuries.

Over the years, our firm has represented numerous individuals that sustained electric shock injuries and/or were electrocuted.

If you or someone you know has been killed or injured by an electrical shock, contact our office and ask to speak to attorney J. Chris Cochran.

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