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Lawn mower defective attorney

Each year, hundreds of small children are tragically maimed by riding lawnmowers backing up with the cutting blades turning. The children most frequently injured by backover blade contact are ages two to five. Virtually all of these lawn mower accidents could have been prevented if the manufacturer of the lawnmower had used a simple and inexpensive “no mow in reverse” safety feature.

No mow in reverse safety features have been incorporated by some manufacturers since the early 1980s. In 2003, the industry voted to create a voluntary standard requiring the no mow in reverse feature. Unfortunately, the standard allows for an override to no mow in reverse. This override defeats the safety purpose of the no-mow in reverse feature and presents a hazard for children. Several children have been injured in lawn mower accidents where the mower had override systems.

Our attorneys recently entered into a confidential settlement with the manufacturer of a riding lawn mower on behalf of a three-year-old boy who lost his right arm and suffered additional injuries in a lawn mower back over accident. This tragic accident, like many others, could have been prevented if the defendant manufacturer had implemented the no mow in reverse feature into their riding mowers.

If your child or someone you know has been injured in a lawnmower backover accident, contact our attorneys today. Though our office is located in Alabama, we can help victims throughout the country.

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