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Diabetes Drug Invokana – Dangers, Warnings and Lawsuit

Invokana lawsuitThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a report in May 2017 concluding that the type 2 diabetes medicine canagliflozin, also known as Invokana, Invokamet or Invokamet XR, increase the risk of foot or leg amputations in patients. The report was released based on data from two substantial clinical trials, and has caused new severe warnings to be added to the drug label. These life-changing amputations are twice as likely to occur in patients treated with this drug, the trial results found.

This is not the first time the FDA has concluded that canagliflozin can cause harm to patients. In 2015, the FDA added warnings to labels that the class of medicines Invokana is included in, sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors, can increase the risk of too much acid in the blood (ketoacidosis) and serious urinary tract infections. Ketoacidosis requires hospitalization and may cause severe dehydration, coma or fatal swelling of the brain. Warning signs to watch out for include difficulty breathing, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, flushed face and confusion. Heart attack, kidney failure or injury, and stroke are other serious side effects that have been associated with Invokana.

If you or a loved one is or was a type 2 diabetes patient who has taken canagliflozin and who has experienced a complication like one mentioned above, contact Pittman, Dutton & Hellums for a free consultation on legal action you may be able to take. It is also vital to be aware of any pain, tenderness, sores, ulcers or infections in the legs or feet, since these may be warning signs of problems that may require amputation. Contact a doctor immediately if these symptoms arise. Here is what you should be aware of regarding this drug and its dangerous effects.

Invokana lawsuitWhat the Warnings Mean for Patients

The Boxed Warning that the FDA is issuing on these prescriptions is reserved for items with the most serious possible adverse events, Reuters reports. Since the FDA’s announcements about the dangers of Invokana and related medicines, since 2015, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against its manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, as well as its subsidiary, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation, which markets the drug.

Plaintiffs of the lawsuits claim that the companies failed to adequately warn doctors and patients about known dangers. Some lawsuits allege that the makers of the drug withheld critical information from the FDA or failed to conduct proper studies to ensure patient safety. As the companies reaped profits from drug sales, quality of life for patients and their families suffered. Invokana continues to be sold, heralding “success stories” over the warnings on marketing materials like the brand’s website.

Patients who have suffered because of the side effects of Invokana and related drugs may not only be entitled to financial compensation due to medical treatment. Time missed off work, pain and suffering all also play a factor in these types of lawsuits. As the number of patients coming forward to allege negative effects from Invokana increases, the credibility against the drug manufacturer also advances.

Invokana lawsuitWhat Invokana Patients Should Do

Unfortunately, we all too often see dangerous effects from prescription drugs that may cause serious injuries or even death. While it’s important to follow your doctor’s recommendations if you trust your doctor, researching any medicine you are taking or getting a second opinion may reveal the potentially harmful side effects. While you shouldn’t stop taking your medication solely based on these reports, you should immediately talk with your doctor about your concerns and understand your risks.

It is also wise to consult with a personal injury attorney in Birmingham. A free consultation is beneficial to do as soon as possible to protect your rights. Talking with an attorney will help you to understand if negligence is a factor, and you can gain the legal representation you need to secure the compensation you deserve.

If you have had a loved one who has unfortunately passed away and who was a type 2 diabetes patient who took one of these drugs, your family may be eligible for compensation. In addition to the pain and suffering you’ve experienced, you may be entitled to any financial obligations you fulfilled towards costs such as funeral expenses or the hospitalization of a loved one.

Pittman, Dutton & Hellums can help. Our caring and compassionate attorneys have extensive experience in cases such as these. Our goal is always to protect our clients’ best interests, and we can help you and your family. Contact us at (866) 722-0250 for a free consultation, or visit us online for Invokana lawsuit information.

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