class action lawsuits

Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys

Class-action lawsuits give hardworking citizens the chance to stand up to some of the biggest corporations in the world. When a company rips off its shareholders, puts a harmful product on the market or is otherwise negligent at your expense, that company needs to be held accountable.

We handle several types of class action cases throughout Alabama and nationwide, such as:

  • Antitrust 
  • Fraudulent charges from vendors including fuel subcharge fees and environmental fees
  • Data breach
  • Identity theft
  • Wage and hour disputes

At Pittman, Dutton & Hellums, we will never be intimidated by the size of our opponent. Our team of proven and passionate class-action attorneys knows how to fight for you in any class-action case. Call us today at (866) 515-8880 or contact us online. We will consult with you for free. You should take the first step toward fighting back and seeking the compensation you deserve.



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