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Being in a bus accident can mean serious injuries for the victim. As you cope with your injuries, you may wonder where to turn. Insurance carriers may be trying to contact you, and you may have mounting medical bills.

The bus accident lawyers at Pittman, Dutton & Hellums are here to help. We can go up against insurance companies and at-fault parties to win you the full compensation you deserve. You may be entitled to damages relating to your medical bills, pain, suffering and lost wages. But time is of the essence. There is a time limit for filing personal injury cases, so act today.


How We Can Help You After A Bus Accident

To win a personal injury involving an accident case, you will need to gather evidence proving the other party is liable, and how they have harmed you. This may sound much easier than it actually is. Building a winning case often involves reviewing technical and medical documents. It may include speaking to expert witnesses. You will also need an in-depth understanding of injury law, the busing industry, and insurance companies.

The attorneys at Pittman, Dutton, & Hellums have the experience to successfully handle your bus accident claim, allowing you to focus on getting better. When you choose us as your bus accident attorney, we can put together the evidence to win you the full amount of compensation you are due.

Past Accident Verdicts and Settlements

Our firm has earned a strong reputation for winning favorable settlements and verdicts for our motor vehicle accident clients. Some of our notable cases include securing a $3 million verdict for a motorcyclist struck by a drunk driver. In another case, a $1.45 million verdict was reached for a family involved in a fatal car accident with another vehicle.

The Difference between Car and Bus Accidents

The significantly larger size and weight of a bus is a major reason why collisions with these vehicles can be far more catastrophic than a car accident. A bus can weigh over 30,000 lbs., giving it the power to total smaller vehicles on the road. What’s more, most buses do not have functioning seatbelts. Bus riders are therefore at a higher risk of being injured during an accident, including being ejected or killed.

The liability in a bus accident also differs compared to accidents involving other types of vehicles. The state is responsible for public bus collisions, while the bus operators are liable for accidents involving private buses.

Bus operators carry multi-million-dollar liability insurance policies to protect themselves in the event of an accident. Insurance carriers are notorious for offering victims a quick and low-ball resolution for their suffering. Essentially, insurance companies are in the business to make money and have a full deck of tricks to get you to settle for less than what you are due. This is why it’s always in your best interest to have a lawyer negotiate with insurance companies and represent your claim.

Common Bus Accident Types and Injuries Sustained

Although buses can be one of the safest ways to travel, when a bus is in a collision, it can cause devastating injuries, including:

▪ Slipped discs
▪ Spinal cord injuries
▪ Head injuries
▪ Broken bones
▪ Burns, lacerations, and contusions
▪ Amputation
▪ Whiplash

In any motor vehicle accident where you have sustained injuries, or suspect you have sustained injuries, it is critical to receive medical treatment as soon as possible. Timely medical care is the key to optimal health, and will also help in your personal injury claim.

Filing an Injury Claim

To file a personal injury claim against a bus operator, you will need to include:

● Your name and address
● The name of the liable party or parties
● A detailed account of the accident

To win a claim, you will need to prove that the bus operator was negligent, and that your injuries were a direct result of that negligence. Part of proving this will involve documenting your medical treatment and reviewing documents concerning the accident, such as police reports, witness statements, and photographs. Remember, there is also a time constraint in filing a claim, so it is best to take legal action right away.

Local Bus Companies

Some of the local bus companies operating in the state of Alabama include Cline Tours, Southern Coaches, Thrasher Brothers Trailways, and Kingdom Coach. These operators cover the state and some adjoining states for regional travel. If you have a valid claim against any of these or other bus companies, our lawyers can represent you in a claim against these and other local bus companies to ensure that justice is served.

National Bus Companies

For state, region and nationwide travel, national bus operators are relied upon by countless Americans. The more well-known bus operators in the U.S. include:

● Greyhound is probably the most popular bus company, especially for traveling long distances.
● Coach USA offers a range of services, such as touring, city sightseeing, charter buses, and more.
● Amtrak Thruway Motorcoach involves a system of intercity buses and local bus routes that help connect Amtrak train stations to areas not served by its railroads.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in going up against big-name companies. We have the legal know-how to win claims against even the largest players in the transportation industry, such as those listed above.

Birmingham Bus Companies

Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority (BJCTA) is the city’s public transportation operator, and better known as MAX. Its fleet includes over 100 buses on nearly 40 routes, and a vintage trolley service. MAX’s range covers an area of over 200 square miles, with a user base of nearly 400,000. Each year, MAX logs about three million in passenger trips and service miles.

With so many people in and around Birmingham relying on BJCTA to get from one place to the other, it’s little wonder that MAX buses do get in accidents. If you have been injured in a MAX bus accident, it is a good idea to reach out to a reputable bus accident attorney right away. The time limit for filing a claim against government transportation services is shorter than for private carriers.

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