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Trusts and monopolies put economic power in the hands of very few. This can devastate consumers like yourself. When trusts and monopolies form, prices are controlled and buyers have few or no choices. The market then stagnates and the economy deteriorates. CEOs get rich while everyone else suffers.

Antitrust laws and the attorneys that bring successful cases against greedy corporations are all that keep anticompetitive trusts from having a powerful grip on our daily routines. The legal team at Pittman, Dutton & Hellums has the passion and expertise needed to take lead and direct antitrust litigation in Alabama and beyond. We’ll never shy away from an antitrust lawsuit, no matter how formidable the opponent.

Antitrust cases are complex, typically brought in federal court through class action lawsuits. You need an attorney with a deep understanding antitrust law to get you what you need to achieve justice. Discuss your antitrust case with a lawyer by contacting our office today at (866) 515-8880 or contact us online here.

The consultation is always free of charge, and we’re always waiting to help hardworking consumers like you.

How an Antitrust Attorney Can Help

At Pittman, Dutton & Hellums, we have a proven track record of dedication to consumer protection for Alabama families. We will never be intimidated by the size, power or bankroll of a company that has violated an antitrust law.

Big corporations are going to have a team of high-paid lawyers on an antitrust case. These corporations have more resources, money and attorneys on their side. But a passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable attorney can gather the evidence needed to build a successful antitrust case and deliver a winning verdict or settlement for consumers like you.

Take the first step in securing the financial help you deserve by contacting the lawyers at Pittman, Dutton & Hellums. We handle antitrust cases throughout Alabama and nationwide. To go over your case for free today, call us at (866) 515-8880 or contact us online. We’re here to fight for you.

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